Natural nude model has an elegant glamour

Natural nude model Lorena from has an elegant glamour to her beautiful face and sensual naked figure as she poses on an exotic beach.  Any list containing all the factors that are of greatest importance in a gorgeous face are likely also found in this amazing brunette babe.  In fact, the easiest way to make such a list would be to start with a close-up picture of this masterpiece of feminine allure and work out from there.  This small-breasted woman really could be used as the definition of classic beauty.

Her beauty does not diminish at all when looking south of her head.  Nature has truly blessed her with the kind of supple female figure that has been hardwired into men’s minds to crave the most.  Her hot little legs are full of all the womanly goodness any guy could ever hope to get his hands on and even better is her habit of opening those legs up to give eyefuls of her immaculate smooth pussy.  I think this delightful girl takes a great deal of pride in that snatch of her’s given how much she loves to show it off in her every shoot.  It just isn’t a Lorena scene if she isn’t spending half her time with her back to the camera to flaunt her wonderful round ass and pussy.

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