Petite nude model in a wet glamour shoot

Petite nude model Georgia Jones from is the perfect choice to star in a wet glamour shoot where her small tight body is lubed up and sexily posed.  Well, lets be honest here, when you are as spectacularly built as this lovely black-haired babe is you are the perfect choice for doing pretty much anything you want.  Though having her sexy young figure moist with perspiration from her yoga exercise routine is probably a better use of her time than having her be the world’s hottest pizza delivery girl.

Seriously, look at how fabulous her perky little breasts are as she stretches her arms above her head.  Those are as perfectly shapely as any pair of small boobs could ever hope to be.  Any guy witnessing the potent sexuality that is housed in those tits as they are posed like that is sure to be overcome with an irresistible urge to run up and nuzzle his face against them like some kind of retarded kitty.  Judging from the sultry nature of her dreamy bedroom eyes I think she might even welcome such attention.  One can only hope.

Petite nude model Georgia Jones has a flawless little body that is the ideal subject of either dry or wet glamour shoots; see more of her amazing work at the free tour here.

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